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Live & Rampant! Les Patterson Has A Stand Up

UNCENSORED Recorded LIVE at The Whitehall Theatre

Live & Rampant! Les Patterson Has A Stand Up

G'day Britain. I’m Back In Action!

YES! Sir Lesley Colin Patterson, international diplomat is back, and I’m letting it all hang out on my very own HARD-CORE, LIVE, SEX EDUCATION VIDEO for troubled adults and dysfunctional drinkers.

So sit back on your bean-bags, in your boxer shorts, with a glass of the old Chardonnay in one hand and whatever you fancy in the other and let Les show you the ropes in a Bangkok ‘Rub & Tug’ shop; advise you on how to inspect ceilings in the Sistine Chapel and whisk you off on a horny trip around ‘Tuna Town’.

Not only that but I’ll tell you how I personally nabbed the Olympic Games for Sydney 2000, used my diplomatic charm on the French Frogs and cheered up Little Di.

AND with a helping hand from my own personal smörgasbord of hornbags, THE GORGEOUS LESETTES, I’ll teach you how YOU too can make a woman supremely happy. (Are you with me?) NO WORRIES!

Sir Les Patterson

  • Sir Les' speech writers: Barry Humphries and Ian Davidson
  • Music by Laurie Holloway and Barry Humphries
  • Lyrics by Barry Humphries
  • Produced and Directed by Brian Klein


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