Artistic insights from Sir Les

Sir Les has refilled his fountain pen and written a piece for The Australian reflecting on the Australia Yartz Council’s generosity to it’s artists.

On qualifying to be an Australian politician:

I had the ideal qualifications for an Australian politician: I have never had a job and I have never signed a cheque.

On his unwavering inclusivity:

I am as inclusive as buggery. Look at all the research assistants and Girl Fridays I have employed over the years at the expense of the grateful taxpayer. Inclusive isn’t the word. I had a nice little Kiwi lass (with a tattoo on her tongue), a Chinese cutie, a spunky Swede and a first Australian assistant on work experience. Due to climate change, quite a few of them were late for work.

On his daughter:

Young Karen, although she is not so young any more, God love her, is passing through a phase and she identifies as a stand-up comedian and also identifies as not very funny.

Sir Les


The online archive of Dr. Sir Leslie Colin Patterson. Wit, sage, raconteur, late Cultural Attaché to the Court of St James and Chairperson of the Australian Chapter of the International Cheese Board.

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