State Memorial Service

Barry Humphries was remembered in a state memorial service at Sydney Opera House this morning.

King Charles sent a message saying that “no-one was safe” from his wit, Humphries was a man who elicited both “fear and fun” in his subjects.

“Barry Humphries, through his creations, poked and prodded us, exposed pretensions, punctured pomposity, surfaced insecurities, but most of all, made us laugh at ourselves,” he wrote.

“Like so many, I have been deeply saddened by his passing. Life really won’t be the same without him.”

Humphries' son, Rupert said, “Before each show started, I would sit in his dressing room as he applied makeup, wigs and fake teeth and then watch him either step into a sequined frock or a totally disturbing fat suit that he wore for [his character] Les, with its huge appendage attached.

“Most nights my brother and I would sit on the back row of an auditorium, praying, always praying that this wasn’t going to be the show where he went too far and said something completely unforgivable.

“But he never did. He loved to torment his audiences but it was from a place of love.”

Many news outlets reported on the event:

ABC have posted video of the service on YouTube and also on their iview streaming service.

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